Engineering Challenge

4-h_competition_logo_without_dateThe S.C. 4-H Engineering Challenge, sponsored by EnlightenSC, takes place Saturday, March 25, 2017, at Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College.

The challenge is an opportunity for students 9-19 to learn, have fun, demonstrate their science, technology, engineering and math skills, and compete for individual and team honors.

Registration takes place January 6 – March 1.

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2016 Competition winners:

Bridge Building Challenge

  • 1st Place: Zion Riley, Robert Spradley
  • 2nd Place: Khadijah Smith, Angie Draney, Zak Bridges, Ethan Coppola
  • 3rd Place: Benjamin Gardner, Carson Anderson

Egg Lofter Rocket Challenge

  • 1st Place: Zoe Markford
  • 2nd Place: Clifton Still
  • 3rd Place: Paulina Rivers, Treyvon Dennis, Brandon Watts

Energy Challenge

  • 1st Place: Jane Taylor, Saniya Williams, Cady Simrill, Hailey Burrell
  • 2nd Place: Jenna Potvin, Eliza King
  • 3rd place: Robbie Prentice, Spencer Roskill

GPS Challenge

  • 1st Place: Abby Threatt, Elizabeth Simpson, Grace Rine
  • 2nd place: Blake Scruggs, Taranjit Saggu, Jessa Beach
  • 3rd Place: William Roberts, Lily Roberts

Mystery Challenge

  • 1st Place: Tyqueashis Bridges, Joey McCray, Fredric McCray, Jontavius Loyd
  • 2nd Place: Maggie Thomas, Clara Robinson, Nora Robinson, Marcie Thomas
  • 3rd Place: Sabrina Cortes, Jasmine Hornsby, Haley Peterson, Taishawada Kenley

Robotics Challenge

  • 1st Place/ Performace Award: GREEN Charter Robo Owls (Aiden Eley, Sathvik Bodepudi, Kayley Hudson, Kiara Moreno, Suma Ravi)
  • 2nd Place/ Teamwork Award: RoboFrenz
  • 3rd Place/ Innovation Award: LegoLegends (Corey Stagg, Ryne Longino, Camella Roberts, Kennedi Foster, Emily Mulalley, Patrick Edenton, Xander Polkowsky)

2015 Competition winners:

12 Inch Bridge Building Contest

1st Place: Harshitha Visikamalla, Camille Young

2nd Place: Arjun Mote, Max Shiverdeck, Logan Grilliott, Tarik Sonmez

3rd Place: Braden Durst, Himanshu Pallath, Aiden Lemmon

14 Inch Bridge Building Contest

1st Place: Elton Clark, Javon Prioleau, Breansay Ownes

Egg Lofter Rocket Contest

1st Place: Timothy Brown

2nd Place: Havva Dokmeci

3rd Place: Nathan Crider

Energy Challenge

1st Place: John Nagy, Gabe Cooper, Liam Quan, Donald Tomlin

2nd Place: Zaire Goiurdine

3rd Place: Ethan Smith, Benjamin Taylor, Owen Hart

GPS Contest

1st Place: Richard Kroninger, Gray Stewart

2nd Place: McKenna Lapierre, Alexis Witherspoon, Suma Ravi

3rd Place: Sumukh Paspuleti

LEGO Robotics Competition

Performance Award: Kayley Hudson, Kiara Moreno, Sathvik Bodepudi

Innovation Award: Nathan Goodwin, Pedro Rodriguez

Teamwork Award: Esa Khan, Wasif Johar