Instructions and Suggested Timeline

November 2020:

  • Teachers register to participate in the competition.
  • Visit the EnlightenSC website for videos and general information about electricity and energy (found on the Learn About Energy tab), and watch the video explaining the intention and creation of an electric co-op (found on the 5th grade page).
  • Explore and research the future of energy like solar energy, smart meters, smart thermostats, or electric vehicle charging stations. What services have co-ops traditionally offered and what are the new services of the future?
  • Consult your librarian or media specialist for additional resources, information, and research. As a beginning point, explore these suggested websites:

December and January

  • Brainstorm possible topics and storylines that you might use to create your story.
  • As you conduct your research, consider documenting the process with photographs. You can then use those photos as inspiration for your illustrations.
  • Pre-write and draft your story. Download the storyboard template here.
  • Write, edit, and revise your story.
  • Illustrate your story.
  • The minimum number of pages that must be completed is 20.
  • Include an “Author’s Summary” or small introduction and a photograph of the author(s) on the inside back cover. Do the same for the illustrator if a different person.
  • Complete the Author Information sheet and include that with the book entry.
  • All electronic books are to be submitted by Friday, January 29, 2021.