Questions to Consider

When writing your story, consider the following:

  • Does your story have a clear beginning, middle, and end?
  • Have you developed your characters fully?
  • Have you shown the reader your understanding of an electric cooperative?
  • Have you shown the reader your understanding of why electric cooperatives were originally formed?
  • Have you used energy, any topic about energy, in your story as one of the characters or elements in your plot. For example, have you woven into your story something about renewable energy, energy efficiency, an environmental issue, energy usage, an energy source, energy distribution, forms of energy, future technologies, or rural electrification?
  • Has your story made clear to the reader that electricity has made a difference in one’s life? What has the difference been?
  • Is your story correctly punctuated?
  • Have you tried to use vivid verbs and excellent details in your descriptions?
  • Are your illustrations original?
  • Is the story yours, in your own words
  • Does your book have a title, author, and illustrator clearly written on the cover?
  • If needed, do you have a glossary for terminology?