Summer Graduate Course

Institute on Energy, Economics and the Environment

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Since 2013, South Carolina’s electric cooperatives have sponsored a STEM-focused accredited graduate-level course—free of charge to the state’s K-12 STEAM) teachers.

Through five weeks of in-person (June 9-14) and asynchronous sessions, field trips, and independent work, participants learn how electric power is created and distributed, and examine the tensions between reliability, technology, clean energy, and affordable electricity rates for consumers. Guest speakers include industry, policy, and environmental experts who identify current challenges and solutions that may lead to a brighter, cleaner energy future for South Carolina and the world.

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  • Thing to know
    • Participants who complete the course receive 3 graduate credit hours from the University of South Carolina.
    • The course accommodates a maximum of 25 students.
    • If accepted, a $100 registration fee (refundable after completion of the course) is required.
    • Participants will be notified of their acceptance status by email.
    • All forms due to the University of South Carolina must be submitted before acceptance.
    • Deadline to register is April 10, 2024
  • Learning Outcomes

    At the end of this course, students will be able to:

    1. Identify and describe the different energy sources available and utilized across South Carolina and the world.
    2. Understand trends and changing patterns in energy consumption and use in South Carolina and the world.
    3. Classify and compare the costs and benefits of different energy sources related to their reliability, affordability and environmental stewardship.
    4. Apply economic decision-making concepts, like scarcity, costs/benefits, supply and demand, and others to the field of energy and related environmental issues.
    5. Develop project-based lessons that support both STEM and Common Core Standards integrating economics, energy and environmental issues.
  • Class Schedule

    In-person session: June 9-14

    • The course begins with a week-long in-person session June 9-14, 2024 at the University of South Carolina’s Columbia campus.
    • Participants have the option to lodge at the university (room and board provided) or commute.
    • In addition to classroom lectures and activities, participants will be responsible for travel to field trip sites (carpooling is encouraged).

    Asynchronous sessions/Independent work

    The remaining four weeks of the course will consist of asynchronous sessions and independent assignments.

    Syllabus & Schedule

    Click to view and download the comprehensive syllabus and schedule (Word document).
  • What to expect

    After you complete the online registration form, an EnLightenSC representative will contact you within 2-4 weeks regarding your acceptance to participate in the course.

    If accepted, approximately 30 days before the start of the course, you will receive step-by-step instructions from the University of South Carolina to complete your enrollment.  To assist you in the registration process, please review the following links to begin collecting necessary documentation.

    Important note:  You will not take any action on these items until you have been accepted as a student through the University of South Carolina.

    Accessing Self-Service Carolina

    Self-Service Carolina is the university’s secure website where you will log in to manage your academic, financial and personal information.

    Citizenship & Residency

    The state of South Carolina requires students attending a public university in the state to provide proof of citizenship or lawful immigration certification.

    Health Requirements

    You’ll need to provide proof of immunizations and will be required to have health insurance, either through the university or another approved provider.

For more information, please contact Adena Ohanesian