K – 3rd Grade

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ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How can the choices we make affect our world?

Classroom Resources

Energy Efficiency

programmable thermostat

Natural gas

Natural Resources/Reducing human impact

Nuclear Energy

Preparing for Severe weather and staying safe






Energy efficiency solutions can be simple—a good start is plugging electronics into a power strip and flipping the strip off when you’re away.


What are natural resources and how do humans use them to live comfortably?
What choices can we make to reduce our impact on the environment?
What are renewable and non-renewable resources?
How can our communities prepare for and respond to severe weather?
Your Electric Cooperatives


People rely on natural resources every day. They provide us with shelter, food, heat for our homes, and even power for our phones. Cooperatives hold the view that it is never too early to teach our students how to modify their use of natural resources in order to protect our beautiful state.

S.C. College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS)


K-PS3-1. Make observations to determine the effect of sunlight on Earth’s surface.

K-ESS2-2. Construct an argument supported by evidence for how plants and animals (including humans) can change the environment to meet their needs.

K-ESS3-3. Obtain and communicate information to define problems related to human impact on the local environment.


1-ESS1-2. Make observations at different times of year to relate the amount of daylight to the time of year.


2-ESS3-1. Design solutions to address human impacts on natural resources in the local environment.


3-ESS2-2. Obtain and combine information to describe climate patterns in different regions of the world.

3-ESS3-1. Make a claim about the effectiveness of a design solution that reduces the impacts of a weather related hazard.

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