Writing Process

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Follow these writing process instructions for writing your children’s book:

  • Define an electric co-op.
  • Use this website for videos and general information about electricity and a video explaining the intention and creation of co-ops.
  • Develop an understanding of how co-ops provide electricity to people in your area.
  • Explore local museums in your area that might give you an idea of what life was like in your location before and after electricity was available to the families in your area.
  • Research historical information about the history of electricity in your area. Research the co-op closest to your school. Some ways to gather information include a visit and tour of the closest co-op. Go on their website. Call and interview an employee of the co-op.
  • Brainstorm possible topics that you might use to create your story.
  • As you conduct your research, consider documenting the process with photographs. You can then use those photos as inspiration for your illustrations.
  • Pre-write and draft your story.
  • Write, edit, and revise your story.
  • Write and illustrate your electronic book using StoryJumper.
  • Include an “Author’s Summary” or small introduction and a photograph of the author(s) on the inside back cover. Do the same for the illustrator if a different person.